Materials Used

Portugal cork, terrazzo, red palladio, veneer

Darlinghurst, Sydney
Square Metres
Grafting YSG’s design trademarks (bold concepts and resourceful detailing), the space mixes high and low octane colours, discordant textures and patterns into visually enticing arrangements to seize every possible millimetre afforded by its existing footprint.

The ceiling’s pistachio shade cascades down the wall parallel to the cork-clad surface with custom joinery accommodating sample displays at arms reach plus storage beneath. New chocolate timber flooring laid throughout marries the cork cladding with a cossetting nature whilst tonally integrating elements of YSG’s branding assets – signature deep blood shades and refreshing spritzes of vibrant colour including mineral green elements within the kitchen.

The studio’s façade comprises a curved sweep of glass which was retained, allowing inquisitive passers-by to engage with staff and vice versa. The circular meeting/communal work and entertaining table floats centre stage directly within the entrance threshold to capitalise on social interaction and natural sunlight.