Laminex x YSG
Materials Used

Laminex, sage stained timber, glass mosaic, French wash

Square Metres
I wanted to capture the essence of ‘afternoon delight’, that warm, cosy time of day when the sun filters into the home and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be, because the world seems to stop in that golden moment.
Yasmine Ghoniem – Principal at YSG

Enveloped in layers of warm, rich colour and authentic woodgrain texture from the Laminex­® Colour Collection, the brief was to create adjoining residential spaces, a kitchen and a living area incorporating a study zone, conceived as two parts of the same home, to reflect the new reality of residential design.

The Fantales Kitchen products

Base, overhead cabinetry and custom handles: Laminex Burnt Ochre Natural finish

Benchtop and curved splashback: Laminex Moroccan Clay Natural finish

Island: Laminex Danish Walnut Chalk finish and Laminex Milkwood Natural finish

Integrated fridge: Laminex Porcelain Blush Natural Finish

Tower cabinetry: Laminex Danish Walnut Chalk finish, Laminex Moroccan Clay Natural finish and Laminex Fresh Spring Natural finish

Tiled kicker: Artedomus Vixel N.47 for kickers

Kitchen base cabinetry handles: In Teria

Sink: Oliveri

Tap: Astra Walker

These material interventions are matched by smaller pops of colour, which serve to balance the kitchen’s cocoon-like warmth. Flashes of brilliant red paint, for example, in the gaps between the overhead cabinetry and rangehood. And internal cabinetry surfaces in gentle blue Laminex Fresh Spring.


“It’s like looking at a painting, flat on, going, “oh, it needs a bit of red out here in the corner’. That’s literally how I look at an interior, more like a piece of art. You’re placing the colours where you think your eye’s going to jump next.”

Yasmine Ghoniem – Principal at YSG


Design: YSG Studio

Photographer: Derek Swalwell

Stylist: Natalie James

Creative Direction: Ortolan

Editorial Consultant: Infinite Shapes

Videography: Sirap

Island fabrication: Evolve Interiors